Lebanon Green Building Council, LGBC

Rima Sorour Al-Housseiny

President's Letter

February 6th, 2019

Yes, we all know by now how critical our planet’s situation is. We can all roll our eyes at yet another reminder of how using less water, sorting garbage, or putting lights out can help our Earth. Honestly, with all the importance of these initiatives, they are not within our direct power as an institution as they relate to the Habits of Citizens. The key words here are Habit and Citizens; and as an institution, we aim not only to change the individual’s habits, but to build Country Habits.

Yes, it is possible to seek change through pursuing Country Habits. Here lies out role as green pioneers in LGBC: a big team of specialists, volunteers, and sustainability forerunners who aim to implement ideas through projects, government laws, education, and awareness while pursuing the end goal of Green Habits. Individuals, in that case, can bring about noticeable change through a bigger end goal, building upon a collaboration between them, LGBC and the concerned Lebanese governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Looking forward, we aim to build upon our legacy and look towards the future. The nature of our work lies in collaboration, both locally and internationally. We aim to strengthen these already existing ties and reach out to NGOs that share the same objectives as LGBC. Closer to home, we plan to collaborate with Ministries and agencies in the hope of reaching sustainable development goals. Any success would shine a brighter light on the LGBC and facilitate its Green Mission. Internally, we target to activate more LGBC chapters all over Lebanon, within Universities and Schools, to continue raising awareness as well as recognition among all generations. These collaborations were built upon great achievements. Whether continuing or waiting to be established, our concern is achieving results that can be felt by citizens. We applaud, for example, the web-based ARZ rating system and would like to reactivate it for existing Commercial Buildings, and establish it for New Construction. We also aim to widen the base of certified buildings to build ARZ both as a beacon for LGBC and a pride for Lebanon.

However, to serve on any level, one needs strength; and strength is both in numbers and quality. Organization leads numbers to quality and projects to success, and here, numbers are definitely more capable of leading change for the better. To do so, we are hoping to grow in numbers through all types of memberships, organize and activate our voluntary work, and research work within LGBC through an updated website, a revived newsletter, technical publications, and ultimately establishing the Green Training Academy” in reinforcement of our mission.

The backbone of any viable institution is its funds. Hopefully, with strong membership ties, we can come up with ideas, solutions, and proposals to generate income while achieving sustainability benefits. As securing funds is vital not only within our ranks but also on a national and international scale, we also aim to strengthen the LGBC role with National Green financing schemes, financial institutions, and appropriate local and international organizations. All the above points to LGBC’s raison d’etre. We are the Lebanon Green Building Council and are here to serve the citizens of our country. Yes, our institution is one link in an international chain, but our primary concern is to increase out citizen’s quality of life.

I call upon each and every one of us to become LGBC ambassadors and strengthen our numbers, quality, and participation. Whether we collaborate with others or internally, we need to set sail in the same direction to reach results that can be felt and implemented.

Work together – Achieve Together – Succeed Together. I started out my tenure with two words; Thankful and Hopeful. Thankful for your faith and support, and hopeful for two years of reachable success. I am confident we all want to work towards a successful and prosperous LGBC.




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