The Ethical Committee advises LGBC Board of Directors on ethics policy and concerns, as well as fosters awareness on ethical issues and promotes ethical behavior among its members, certified assessors and other organizations working within LGBC fields of interests.


The Ethical Committee shall make recommendations for policies and/or educational programs to promote the ethical behavior of members, board members, certified assessors and staff.




LGBC Ethical Committee shall consist of not more than five voting members of the LGBC, including the Chair, who are not members of the LGBC Board of Directors. The Committee membership should include persons having experience and knowledge of the major operational organizational structure and derivatives of LGBC.


LGBC Secretary shall be a non-voting member.



Responsibilities of Committee Members



He/ She Calls and presides over the EC meetings, prepares with the secretary the meeting agendas, brings member conduct complaints and inquires to the committee, prepares annual report on activities of the EC and reviews annually LGBC Code of Ethics



Conduct preliminary investigations of member conduct complaints and prepares reports on findings for discussion during the meetings, participate and perform duties as assigned by the Chair



Assists the EC in the administrative matters, archives the MOMs and helps in maintaining the EC webpage of LGBC and other interlinked websites.



Two meetings shall be hold annually.
A simple majority of the voting members of the EMCC shall constitute a quorum.



Due to the sensitive nature of ethics complaints, all committee correspondence, discussions, and deliberations shall be kept confidential.




Nov 12,13,14 and 15 2018

Mechanical Week, 2018


The Order of Engineers and Architects - Beirut, Cordially invites you to attend the Exhibition an






26 to 29 June 2018

Lebanon Green Building Council at Project Lebanon 2018


Meet Lebanon Green Building Council at Project Lebanon 2018 booth # L30 , the 23rd International