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تعوا ندرجا ب..بيروت BIKEATHON



Glad to announce that LGBC participated in تعوا ندرجا ب..بيروت BIKEATHON , as a main sponsor.

The event took  place on Sunday 10 May 2015


Together we can make our work GREEN  and HEALTY too,

AUB 2015: Civic Engagement Conference and Exhibition

29,30 April 2015


The Lebanon Green Building Council participated in AUB 2015: Civic Engagement Conference and Exhibition, that took place on 29,30 April 2015.

Aim was to spread LGBC concept and awareness about green building strategies.

Thanks for all board and LGBC members for dedicating their time and efforts.

Your contribution is our key to more success !!





Members range from students, architects, consulting engineers, building contractors, real estate owners and promoters, manufacturers, educational institutes, research organizations.


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